A Lot To Be Thankful For


As we head into Thanksgiving, we reflect upon all we have accomplished since January and our vision for 2020. At Phesi, we had quite a few firsts in 2019 and much to be thankful for, such as:

  • Successfully launching our flagship product, ClinSite™ – a self-service, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool that enables biopharmaceutical companies to search for and select top-performing investigator sites for clinical trials in all therapeutic areas. The product has been well received by our clients.
  • Hiring our Chief Commercial Officer, Otis Johnson, PhD, MPA, to commercialize ClinSite™, and assembled a dedicated sales team.
  • We filed our newest patent globally to vigorously protect our intellectual rights.

We are also honored to have contributed to the success of many of our biotech and pharmaceutical client partners, who share our passion for optimizing protocol design and trial planning and avoiding trial rescues to get novel therapies to patients faster. These early adopters and visionaries become clinical operations heroes for saving their employers significant time and money and for optimizing trial outcomes. We recognize that it takes courage and patience to work through internal networks and approvals to break the mold and introduce new methods.

Indeed, we are especially thankful for our client partners’ audacious optimism, which stands in contrast to the slow path to progress bemoaned by outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, who, in his official statement of March 14, 2019, commented upon “a continued reluctance to adopt innovative approaches among sponsors and clinical research organizations. In some cases, the business model adopted by the clinical trial establishment just isn’t compatible with the kind of positive but disruptive changes that certain innovations can enable.

Although progress has been slow, there is an undeniable zest for new strategies to modernize clinical trials, advance patient protections, and streamline clinical development. In this increasingly patient-centric world, the challenge lies in balancing demands for individualized medicine while simultaneously applying AI and machine learning models to advance therapeutic solutions, while protecting patients’ identities.

We can hardly wait to see how things unfold in 2020, as ClinSite™ usage increases, fueling the journey to more digital clinical trials. In the meantime, we look forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with our family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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