Bigger Patient Data, Better Results for Clients

Date: 08. 06. 2021

This week we reached an important milestone with our collaborative partner Sensyne Health, achieving an anonymized dataset of over 60 million patients. Arming clients with data combining clinical research, clinical trial, and real-world patient records, we are now another step forward in reaching our goal to harness the power of real-time data to help clients accelerate the delivery of life-saving treatments to patients.

The importance of taking a data-driven approach to clinical trials cannot be underestimated. Given the high rate of failure in clinical development, it is crucial that sponsors take advantage of the huge pool of data available to identify all the variables associated with their study and minimize the risk of failure. We deliver the volume, variety, and velocity of data that makes this possible.

Our combined dataset provides the quality and depth of data needed for research professionals to identify relationships between diseases and help in building predictive models, even for the rarest of diseases. Utilizing real-world data allows sponsors to design much smarter trials, improving the chance of a trial with a successful outcome, as well as fast-tracking the development of therapeutics. At Phesi, we apply our deep domain knowledge and integrated clinical data science approach to help you optimize your protocol design.

This dataset is also helping Phesi and customers to work towards the goal of addressing the ethical challenges associated with clinical development. In particular, reducing the use of placebo comparator arms in clinical trials. In traditional trials, patients are often unnecessarily exposed to placebos, which increase the burden on both patients and sites, and increasing development costs However, a data-driven approach informed by real-world data and advanced analytics can reduce or even eliminate the need for placebos. Synthetic data is collated from similar or identical patient populations using the same agent, with real-world patient data, to accurately model comparator outcomes while accelerating development. Our partnership with Sensyne is helping to make the goal of minimizing the use of placebo comparator arms a reality.

Our enlarged dataset is another step towards achieving a more data-driven clinical trials industry. Using the vast volume of data available will create a long-lasting positive impact on drug development – ultimately helping to make a more cost-effective, successful, and ethical industry.

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