02. 27. 2020

When will companies stop babysitting the nannis they hired for their clinical trials?

SCOPE continues to be a central location for industry colleagues to meet and exchange ideas around clinical development. We had a great time at the 2020 meeting catching up with friends, clients and colleagues, as well as co-moderating a roundtable on protocol design and chairing a main session on site selection with esteemed industry practitioners.

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01. 27. 2020

Less artificial…more intelligence

In the industry of clinical research, we are accustomed to working with conservative companies that make decisions slowly. Look at the adoption of EDC – over how many decades now? Understandable, at least to a point.

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12. 05. 2019

Delivering nash trials in a competitive world using clinsite

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11. 07. 2019

Site effectiveness index: a strategically important metric in clinical trial planning

The importance of site activation planning and implementation is a given among those who develop and manage clinical trials.

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10. 06. 2019

Using data analytics to evaluate clinical trial network performance: a look “under the hood”

As the clinical research environment becomes more complex and competitive, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly relying on networks of physicians to conduct their critical trials.

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