03. 14. 2023

Protocol Design and Investigator Site Selection: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)

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10. 30. 2023

Zombies are for Hallowe’en, not for trials: Phesi launches new Health Check and Trial Rescue Service

This month, we launched our new Health Check and Trial Rescue Service, designed to save at-risk trials and bring new drugs to market faster. The free-of-charge service will enable sponsors to submit their protocols to our team for review, offering real-time insights and forecasting within ten working days.

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09. 25. 2023

Phesi: DPHARM Idol Disrupt nominee

We were thrilled that our AI-driven Trial Accelerator platform, the world’s largest and contextualized clinical trial database, was shortlisted for the DPHARM Idol Disrupt award. While at DPHARM, our Founder and President, Dr Gen Li, gave the following address to attendees. We are sharing Dr Li’s thoughts here for those who couldn’t attend in person, and we’d love to hear your feedback and questions.

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08. 20. 2023

Becoming a disruptive force for good in clinical development

With DPharm 2023 on the horizon and Phesi nominated for the DPharm Idol Disrupt award, we consider the steps the industry can take to modernize clinical development and how sponsors can become a disruptive force for good.

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07. 10. 2023

Depression is moving up the clinical development agenda, but Phase II terminations are putting clinical development productivity in jeopardy

Recently, we released the results of our global analysis of all clinical trials taking place in 2023 so far. Our review of 13,490 recruiting trial records revealed a changing landscape in clinical development investment. As with previous years, oncology remains a well-studied disease area

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