The client wanted to evaluate the Phesi analytics approach (data and integrated analytical methods spanning patient, protocol and sites) that consistently leads to superior country and investigator site selection in a T2DM setting.


Phesi’s Trial Accelerator™ platform, driven by the world’s largest trial database, was used to: 

  • Assess the operational impact from key protocol design elements on enrollment cycle time, country and investigator site selection. 
  • Identify top enrolling investigator sites based on enrollment contribution and site activation performance scores.
  • Critically appraise investigator site recommendations from the CRO and other industry data providers and demonstrate for 7 trials the significant underperformance (based on site activation and enrollment measures) of the chosen sites compared to the sites nominated using the Phesi platform. 



Phesi demonstrated significantly improved investigator site selection approaches in T2DM. Based on this analysis Phesi generated a business case to significantly reduce FTE and annual feasibility operational costs by $10-15M.


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