To rescue a CRO managed trial that was severely behind plan having only enrolled half of the patients it needed. The client sought a data-led approach to determine the best course of action.


Conducted a deep analysis using the Phesi Trial Accelerator™ platform driven by the world’s largest trial database.

  • No major protocol design defects were noted. 
  • Phesi scenario modeling showed the optimal number of trial sites to be 142. 
  • The CRO had already activated 200 sites resulting in inadequate support for sites with the biggest potential to enroll.  
  • Phesi predicted that 60 sites would contribute the majority of patients. 
  • By monitoring performance against pre-defined parameters and immediately closing sites that had failed to contribute anything for more than 150 days, the optimal number of sites was achieved.



As Phesi predicted, enrollment cycle time was reduced with the trial completed in 27 months resulting in a Gross Site Enrollment Rate of 0.12 pts/site/month.

The client’s procurement function reported that Phesi saved more than $5 million through its analysis, “what if” scenario modeling and a 25% reduction in sites.


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