Clinical Trial Site-Level Insights


Have you ever felt uncertain that you are selecting the right site for your study? Do you wish you had some objective insights to supplement the capabilities your potential investigator reported on the site selection survey? What if you had insights into competition at the site and investigator level? What if you knew the types of studies, interventions and outcome measures your targeted investigator is most experienced with? Would insights into these questions help you select better investigator sites?

The visual below is a dynamic view of recruitment activity over time at a specific investigator site. This site has been ramping up clinical trial activity since 2008 with a dip in 2013, followed by another increase in research activity. At peak, this site had 13 actively recruiting trials, suggesting that it has capacity to take on more trials now that it has only 5 ongoing trials. However, the dramatic reduction in clinical trial activity since 2016 is a matter worth exploring prior to selecting the site for your study. It could mean that this is a great site with trials that just ended, but it could also mean that the primary investigator is retiring and scaling down activities.

Site Historical Recruiting Activities

This is the type of insight that feasibility and site selection staff, including CRAs on the frontline, need to conduct intelligent site selection evaluations to setup your study for enrollment success.

In our next blog, we’ll explore another site-level insight, along with a different historical recruiting activity curve assessing site-level competition.

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