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DE&I Data Service

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Data Service can help sponsors improve diversity from the trial planning stage onwards by ensuring diverse patient cohorts that accurately reflect the patient population. As well as meeting new global DE&I rules from regulators, we can help you improve protocol design, minimize costly protocol amendments and bring more effective drugs to market, faster.

Phesi’s DE&I Data Service has been born out of a real need for a more innovative solution to address the lack of diversity in clinical trials. By leveraging Digital Patient Profiles (DPP) from our Trial Accelerator™ platform and Krystelis’ expertise in medical writing services we can help you ensure any therapeutic is efficacious for all intended patient populations. 




The Digital Patient Profile is at the heart of creating diverse trials

Each DPP we generate provides a statistical view of patient attributes for a given disease, and provides a granular breakdown of the patient population, including attributes such as age, sex, ethnicity and comorbidities. This insight enables sponsors to identify if a disease has a higher incidence in a particular patient population. One example is prostate cancer which has a significantly higher incidence and mortality rate in black men than in white men which should be reflected in patient cohorts.


What people are saying

With the FDA issuing guidance to address failings in clinical trial diversity, sponsors are under increasing pressure to improve protocol design. It’s great to see companies like Phesi and Krystelis delivering practical solutions and services to help companies meet these new regulations quickly and effectively. Using data to improve inclusion in clinical trials brings us a step closer to a clinical development industry that benefits all patients.”

Otis Johnson, Principal Consultant, Trial Equity
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