Patient data is in our DNA

The world’s largest contextualized clinical development database, dynamically collecting the digital “footprint” left by clinical development.

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The Patient is at the heart of our data

Dynamically structuring the digital “footprint” left by clinical development organizations using the established KDD process for extracting useful knowledge from volumes of data. Across a wide range of sources including publications, disclosures, investigator CVs and much more. Enabling the delivery of patient-centred data analytics that aid and enhance clinical development processes and decision making by providing insight, precision and certainty.





Our dynamic contextualized database includes:

4.2m Physicians & 600k Principal investigators

90m Patient records in clinical trials & clinical research

90k Dynamically updated data sources

485k Curated clinical trials

4000+ disease indications (including rare diseases)

40m Patient EMRs in Europe & America

195 Countries

Our data powered services

Protocol design optimization

Protocol Design & Optimization

Country & investigator site selection

Trial Execution Optimization & Rescue

Digital Twins & External control arms

Digital Twin & Digital Trial Arm
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