10. 14. 2022

Phesi launches AI-driven Trial Accelerator™ to enable simulated trials and deliver comprehensive view of the patient throughout clinical development and commercialization

Phesi, a global provider of patient-centric data analytics, has today launched its AI-driven Trial Accelerator™ platform to facilitate real-time scenario modelling across patient, endpoint, country, and investigator site allocation. Underpinned by the world’s largest, most dynamic clinical trial database, the SaaS platform enables clinical development personnel to simulate trial outcomes and reduce unnecessary protocol amendments. Industry data show that the average phase III protocol experiences 3.3 substantial amendments. With cost estimated at $500k per amendment and adding 5.2 months of implementation time, Phesi’s Trial Accelerator™ platform can save sponsors up to $1,500,000 and 15 months per trial.

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10. 06. 2022

Almost half of Ukraine’s clinical trials to find new therapies are still recruiting patients despite ongoing conflict, Phesi analysis shows

Phesi has today published its latest update on the significant impact of the war in Ukraine on clinical development in the region. Phesi’s analysis of recruiting investigator sites (those actively enrolling patients) finds that since the beginning of 2022 to the 1st Oct 2022, the number of recruiting sites has fallen from 1,814 to 940 (48%) in Ukraine, yet the other half are continuing to recruit. In Russia, recruiting sites have fallen from 3,412 to 1,638 (52%) and in Belarus from 84 to 33 (55%).

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09. 21. 2022

New Phesi Analysis of 117,000 Alzheimer’s Patients Highlights Need for Preventative Approach that Includes Younger Participants

Phesi identified 117,463 patients who participated in disease modifying trials from its database of more than 60 million patients; such a large sample size represents a significant portion of the patient population. The Phesi analysis lays bare the precipitous decline that occurs in Alzheimers patients over just a single 12-month period, with the average 72-year-old suffering from Alzheimers losing 18% of cognitive function (measured by MMSE) in just 12 months.

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06. 23. 2022

48% of US cancer clinical trials have no Hispanic or Latin American representation, and 42% do not include a single Black patient, Phesi analysis reveals

New analysis from Phesi  has found that 42% of US cancer trial cohorts do not include African American patients and 48% have no Hispanic American patients. Phesi analyzed 589,295 patients participating in 6,372 US-recruiting cancer clinical trials over the past 15 years…

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