Phesi at the 8th crown congress

Date: 01. 22. 2019

CROWN 2019
(CROWN CONGRESS) January 22 2019

Phesi is a proud sponsor and presenter at the 8th CROWN congress in Orlando, Florida. The CMO of Phesi, Dr. Paul Chew gives a talk titled “Smarter Trials = Faster Cures: 3 Things You Need to Get Right”. The presentation slides can be downloaded here.

About the 8th CROWN congress

This year’s CROWN Congress will review the clinical trial landscape, providing in-depth sessions on the approaches, innovations, and collaborations that are accelerating clinical trials.

Now in its 8th consecutive year, the CROWN Congress will highlight additional areas such as clinical risk management, outsourcing strategies, operational metrics, risk-based monitoring, patient engagement, and more!

Start your year off right by receiving the latest strategies, trends, tools and technologies needed to advance clinical trials, and make the connections needed to position your company for success in 2019.

To know more about the CROWN congress, visit their website.

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