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Phesi’s approach leverages the world’s largest dataset, seamlessly integrating patient and trial data to optimize trial design. This integration results in unparalleled precision and certainty, driving more intelligent and efficient delivery of clinical trials. Every data point is a vital contributor, shaping trials to be smarter and finely attuned to the diverse needs of the patient populations they serve. In doing so, we empower and assist our partners in navigating the complex landscape of clinical development with confidence and efficacy.

Precision. Insight. Certainty.

A patient-led optimization process

From refining existing trial designs to pioneering digital twins or trial arms our process is meticulous. Placing the patient at the forefront, we ensure that every decision is rooted in a precise, data-driven understanding of a trial’s target patient. With extensive data science expertise and a proven methodology, we streamline processes, improving the precision and efficacy of clinical trials. Working in true partnership each step of the way, we translate insights into actionable strategies.

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The Digital Patient profile

Get an accurate picture of your patient population

Phesi’s digital patient profile provides a detailed picture using a diverse set of data sources. We can help you paint a clear picture of potential participants for any clinical trial, by capturing key details including age, gender, and health conditions. This digital snapshot guides your researchers in finding the right patients. Through advanced data analytics, we simplify processes, ensuring that the trials align precisely with the characteristics of the target patient group. The digital image we create ensures that trials are designed with the right people in mind.

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Trial Accelerator - An integrated suite of patient centric analytics

Optimize your trial delivery

The Trial Accelerator platform is the operating system that allows us to deliver our integrated suite of analytics structured into four sequential views:

  • Patient View – a data-driven understanding of the relevant global patient population
  • Trial Performance View – Simulate key performance outcomes such as enrollment cycle time and optimum investigator site numbers
  • Country Performance View – Identify the highest performing countries
  • Investigator Site View – Rank KOL and Investigator performance

Tailored to client needs, these analytics ensure effective trial delivery from protcol design to site selection. With insights into patient profiles, overall trial dynamics, country-level performance, and investigator site-specific details, we empower clients to make informed decisions and streamline processes, enhancing the efficiency of clinical trials.

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A proven methodolgy

A partner you can rely on

Our clients trust us to be their guide in crafting precision and insight-driven clinical trials. With our unique patient-led data analytics approach, we bring a proven track record to your trial development journey. Our focus is clear: creating smarter trials that resonate with the diverse needs of patients. By choosing Phesi, you’re aligning with a partner that understands the nuances and contexts of clinical research, leveraging patient-centric data analytics to turn insights into impactful results and deliver faster cures to patients.

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