Phesi: DPHARM Idol Disrupt nominee

Date: 09. 25. 2023

Last month, we had the pleasure of attending DPHARM 2023 and connecting with people from across the industry who share our ambition to make clinical trials faster and cheaper, while keeping the patient the priority. We were thrilled that our AI-driven Trial Accelerator platform, the world’s largest and contextualized clinical trial database, was shortlisted for the DPHARM Idol Disrupt award. While at DPHARM, our Founder and President, Dr Gen Li, gave the following address to attendees. We are sharing Dr Li’s thoughts here for those that couldn’t attend in person, and we’d love to hear your feedback and questions.

At Phesi, our work begins and ends with patients. We always start by digitally depicting the profile of the patients that we are trying to treat, using data from 70 million patients from around the world. Our work frequently also ends with patients, yielding innovative medicines for those in need. We practise patient centricity every day.

Trial Accelerator was created to conquer two evergreen challenges: too many protocol amendments and too many failures to complete enrollment as planned.

To put this into perspective, 70 million patients is larger than the size of the United Kingdom, a top 20 most populous country. Trial Accelerator also contains racial and other diversity data from 20 million patients. But having patient data is not enough. Over 16 years, by using AI and other big data technologies, Phesi has built the largest, contextualized clinical development database, which also includes 600k investigators, and 500k clinical trials and research projects.

Using this data, Trial Accelerator was launched to unite everyone in the development continuum. The patient view is the foundation for a Digital Patient Profile (DPP). The trial view is a bridge between development operations and the rest of development. From here we identify and quantify operational impacts from various protocol design elements. We then move on to country view and investigator view to get the best combination of both. Trial Accelerator has consistently been proven to minimize amendments and shorten cycle times.

Trial Accelerator is future proof. We routinely construct DPPs covering 4000 diseases, from common diseases to rare diseases. DPPs combined with digital twin yield incremental benefits on development path optimization, trial design improvement, early treatment signal detection. And yes, this eventually leads to external control arms, which can partially or completely replace a trial arm.

Is it easy to use? A typical client project takes 4 to 6 weeks. Clients can access the Trial Accelerator via the cloud. We work with companies among the top 5 and biotech startups, and everyone else in between.

Does it work? Trial Accelerator has helped our clients to deliver many lifesaving medicines to patients, including Keytruda. The most recent example is donanemab, the most promising drug for Alzheimer’s patients.

We are passionate about smarter trials. Through our clients, we deliver faster cures. Trial Accelerator is at the core enabling us to achieve those.

This is Phesi. A patient centric clinical data science company.

Bringing new treatments to patients faster

Over the next year, we’ll be continuing our work to eradicate the reliance on “gut feel” that defines much decision making in clinical development today, continuing to disrupt the industry with innovative data-driven technologies. In this way, the industry can reduce patient burden, improve success rates, and accelerate the discovery of medicines. We look forward to seeing what DPHARM brings next year – see you there!

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