Zombies are for Hallowe’en, not for trials: Phesi launches new Health Check and Trial Rescue Service

Date: 10. 30. 2023

This month, we launched our new Health Check and Trial Rescue Service, designed to save at-risk trials and bring new drugs to market faster. The free-of-charge service will enable sponsors to submit their protocols to our team for review, offering real-time insights and forecasting within ten working days.

The service leverages our AI-driven Trial Accelerator Platform to assess protocols in terms of:

  • Patient view
  • Country view
  • Site view
  • Investigator view

The assessment will draw on our wealth of data from 90,000 dynamically updated sources, including more than 4,000 disease indications and 95 million patients. Once a review is completed, our team will provide actionable recommendations based on key design elements like inclusion and exclusion criteria.

As it stands, around a fifth of clinical trials designed today will fail. Yet, many “zombie” trials continue to run because sponsors are unable to monitor performance throughout the trial process. As a result, sponsors are often forced to make a blind judgement call on whether to continue or cancel a trial – a decision worth millions of dollars. But with the Health Check and Trial Rescue service, sponsors can receive real-time insights and forecasting, meaning they no longer need to rely on “gut feel” or past experience, which defines much decision-making in clinical development today.

By taking a proactive and data-driven approach to trial design, sponsors will no longer need to wait until a study is at-risk before they take action, saving valuable time and resources. The service comes at what we hope will be an ideal time for sponsors – who will now be considering budgets, reviewing what’s been successful over the past year, and creating their portfolios for 2024.

We’re calling on everyone in clinical development, from heads of clinical and heads of innovation to heads of clinical operations, who would like to better understand the likely outcome of a trial, to submit their protocols to us for a free review.

Make sure the only zombies you’ve got to deal with this year are trick or treaters. To learn more about the service, head to this link: https://info.phesi.com/trial-health-check

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