Phesi’s reflections of SCOPE 2022

Date: 03. 02. 2022

The SCOPE Summit in Orlando, Florida was a hybrid event this year with many people attending in-person, including the Phesi team. It was great to see some familiar faces from the clinical development community without having to shout, “you’re on mute!” through our computer screens. As with every year, the event saw new connections made, thought-provoking breakout sessions, and much buzz surrounding exciting innovations in the clinical trial space.

Here are some of our reflections on this year’s event:

Patient centric, data-driven approaches can solve clinical trial challenges

One of the biggest themes at SCOPE 2022 focused on the data challenges impacting clinical development. In Phesi’s session, our CEO, Dr Gen Li, discussed how data can be applied to optimize protocol design. Gen outlined how an approach guided by modal values when designing clinical trials can drive the industry forward. Modal values are data values that appear most often in historical and current trial design data, that help to identify potential anomalies that could go on to cause operational failure or delays. As an industry, we have access to reams of data at our fingertips – but currently this data is not being used effectively to improve trial design and implementation. By learning from other clinical trials, we can reduce protocol amendments, streamline trials, and improve successful outcomes. Many speakers and breakout sessions at SCOPE echoed the need for more patient-centric trials, and modal values are a cornerstone to help make this a reality.

The industry must collaborate and innovate for success

The ideas exchanged at SCOPE this year reinforced to us all that the life sciences industry must continue to collaborate and innovate at the pace we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic. Too often, companies fail to learn from past mistakes in trial planning and protocol design. But, equipped with data, insights, and actionable answers shared across the entire clinical development community, we can create huge breakthroughs. It’s critical that we keep the wheels of innovation turning in this space – after all, smarter trials mean faster cures for patients.

A chance to build new relationships                           

While it’s always nice to see familiar faces, SCOPE was also a fantastic opportunity to make new connections in the clinical development community. The event offered the chance to connect face-to-face with experts in our industry and learn about cutting-edge innovations in the clinical trial space. Phesi is excited to be part of developing the innovative solutions that will make trials productive, efficient, and inclusive.

We’re eager to be back on the road later this year, ready to do it all again at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in May!

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