Gen Li, Applied Clinical Trials, June, 2020: Resurrecting Zombie Trials Will Be Another Consequence of COVID-19 Unless the Industry Acts Now

Gen Li, Clinical Leader, April 2020: Sponsors Must Act Now to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 Slowdown

Gen Li, Life Science Leader, January 2020: Clinical Trial SOS (PDF download)

Gen Li, Jonathan Peachey, The Medicine Maker, August 2019: Giving Data the Gift of Meaning

Gen Li, Paul Chew, Jonathan Peachey, International Clinical Trials, February 2019: The Balanced Approach to Optimising Clinical Trial Design and Execution (PDF download)

Stephen Arlington, Paul Chew,  Annalisa Jenkins, Gen Li, Pharmaceutical Executive, May 8, 2018: Clinical Trials Don’t Have to Cost Too Much or Take Too Long

Valerie Legagneur, Jonathan Peachey, Karen Correa, Gen Li, Applied Clinical Trials, January 17, 2018Enrollment Cycle Times Can and should be Optimized

Gen Li, Applied Clinical Trials, April 1, 2015: Forecast Enrollment Rate in Clinical Trial

Li G, Harper B, Sirabella L, Parexel biopharmaceutical R&D statistical sourcebook, 2010: Activating investigative sites in a staggered process: problems and solutions.

Gen Li, Robert Gray, The Monitor, 2011: Performance-Based Site Selection Reduces Costs and Shortens Enrollment Time (PDF download)

Li G., Sirabella L., The Monitor, 2010: Planning the Right Number of Investigative Sites for a Clinical Trial

Gen Li, Pharmaceutical Executive, October 2, 2009: Finding the Sweet Spot

Gen Li, Pharmaceutical Executive, December 12, 2008: Site Activation: The Key to More Efficient Clinical Trials

Presentations & Interviews

Pharma Technology Focus, June 26, 2020: Salvaging clinical trials in the time of COVID-19

Outsourcing Pharma, June 8, 2020: Phesi: COVID-19-era trials require a ‘data-driven’ approach

The Bio Report, August 22, 2019: Using AI to Improve Clinical Development (podcast interview with Phesi founder & president Gen Li)

The Medicine Maker, August 2019: Giving Data the Gift of Meaning

Outsourcing Pharma, July 30, 2019Phesi’s SaaS predicts ‘what if’ and eases site selection costs, delays

PMLive, July 8, 2019: Streamlining clinical trials – why better data use is key

Cornell Enterprise, February 2019: Startup Snapshot: Big Data, Big Outcomes for New Medicines

CROWN Conference 2019, Jan 2019: Paul Chew Presentation – Smarter Trials = Faster Cures: 3 Things You Need to Get Right (PDF download)

White Papers

White Paper: Clinical Development – Feasibility, Planning and Execution (PDF download)

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