Trial Execution Optimization and Rescue

Phesi enables you to gain deep, real-time insights into how your trials are running to predict and forecast accurately, support confident decision making, and rescue under-performing trials

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Enabling a proactive and real-time approach to trial support

Once a trial is underway, sponsors are often left without a way to monitor performance. They must make a blind judgement call on whether to continue or cancel a trial that has millions of dollars riding on it. At Phesi, we ensure you don’t have to wait until a study is at risk of failing before you take action. Our experts enable you to adopt a proactive and real-time approach – by evaluating and tracking site performance, providing continuous competitive insights, forecasting enrollment rates and cycle times, and advising on possible adjustments based on live data analytics.

We have decades of experience working with the largest sponsors and CROs. We help organizations to rescue missed opportunities in underperforming trials, as well as enhance ROI using forecasted performance data.

Our approach

Evolve your clinical development processes to become objective and precise

Our systematic and integrated approach supports you to transform clinical development for the digital age into an objective and precise undertaking. We provide you with scalable, predictive and automated real-time analytics that will ensure you get more out of your clinical studies and remove the guesswork. Phesi enables you to:

Better understand enrollment data to predict and maximize patient enrollment, and identify root causes of underperformance

Analyze protocol design, forecast accuracy, monitor site activation progress, and assess CRO run-sites

Identify a set of actionable recommendations to bring a trial back on track

Access a wide range of rare disease research sites that will be able to facilitate any development activities you have.

Our strengths

Unlock data insights to answer development questions confidently

Phesi’s AI-powered Trial Accelerator™  advanced clinical data analytics platform, including clinical trial investigator site management tool ClinSite®, collects and analyzes live data from more than 4,000 diseases. It includes trial and site information from 485,000+ trials, including more than 600,000 principal investigators in nearly 200 countries. Armed with our data, and the expert insights of the Phesi team, you can confidently and quickly answer questions about your trial in real-time, including:

Why is my trial failing? How can I save my trial?

How can I align better with the CRO?

What’s the right change order process to follow?

How can I reduce the impact of competition on my protocol?

Why am I not recruiting enough patients?

Why is recruitment and enrollment taking so long?

Case studies

Troubleshooting an under-performing GI trial

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    Phesi worked with us to show that a particular adaptive trial design would give the best performance. The result was a significantly quicker and cheaper devel­opment time on this priority asset.


    Phesi is on the frontiers of defining clinical development as a science, performing systematic analysis of the clinical trial, clinical protocol, and clinical site space to form hypotheses about what will work and what will not. Through observation and experiment you are applying those learnings to inform new clinical programs or save old ones. Phesi is more than the sum of its parts and the value is in the integration.


    Every global R&D leader should know about this and should be testing it within their portfolio.

    senior director, clinical operations takeda