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Phesi empowers your clinical development process with competitive intelligence, target product profile definitions and objective insights to prioritize your portfolio and maximize commercial returns.

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Maximizing clinical and commercial success

Whether you are a pharmaceutical, biotech or CRO company, you need a data-driven approach to drug development in order make informed decisions. We understand that you need a detailed view of the ever-changing competitive landscape across your clinical development portfolio to succeed. Phesi delivers advanced analytics and a systematic, integrated data science approach to reduce the cost of development, accelerate the process of getting new therapies to market, maximize commercial return, and facilitate more effective dialogue with regulatory authorities.

Phesi analyzes historical and ongoing clinical trials in all disease areas to determine the best indication, target product and patient profiles, and preferred study outcomes to increase the chances of clinical and commercial success for drug candidates.

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Comprehensive analytical insights

Phesi’s AI-powered platform, including the clinical trial investigator site management tool ClinSite®, collects and analyses live data from more than 4,000 diseases. It includes trial and site information from 485,000+ trials, including more than 600,000 principal investigators in 195 countries. Our automated approach has been proven effective by hundreds of clinical studies. We enable you to answer your development questions quickly and confidently, including:

What is the target product profile and the target label?

How can we reduce the time spent creating CDPs and IDPs?

How do we reduce protocol amendments across our portfolio?

Which drugs should we in-license?

How should we prioritize our portfolio?

Who are the key opinion leaders in the medical fields related to the trial?

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Futureproofing your clinical development portfolio

At Phesi, we understand the need to futureproof your clinical development function by adopting the latest innovative technology. We use AI, ML and predictive modelling together so you can accurately simulate alternative strategic scenarios for complete confidence in the development process.

We also leverage our data-driven approach to develop synthetic arms and synthetic patient profiles for your priority assets, helping you to elevate your development and uncover more insights from data. Synthetic arms provide deep insight into patient population and expected clinical outcomes that can then be presented to internal stakeholders and external parties, such as advisory boards, development partners and agencies. Utilizing synthetic control arms not only reduces costs and enrolment time, but also significantly decreases the burden on patients.

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Integrated clinical development planning for iron overload candidate

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    Phesi is on the frontiers of defining clinical development as a science, performing systematic analysis of the clinical trial, clinical protocol, and clinical site space to form hypotheses about what will work and what will not. Through observation and experiment you are applying those learnings to inform new clinical programs or save old ones. Phesi is more than the sum of its parts and the value is in the integration.


    Every global R&D leader should know about this and should be testing it within their portfolio.

    senior director, clinical operations Takeda

    Phesi worked with us to show that a particular adaptive trial design would give the best performance. The result was a significantly quicker and cheaper devel­opment time on this priority asset.

    senior director, clinical operations Takeda