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A self service SaaS platform giving life sciences companies access to the power of the world's largest clinical trials database containing real-world data. Delivering indication specific predictive modelling across patient population identification, trial performance, country, investigator and site selection.

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Access the world's largest clinical trials database

Two decades of expertise in simulating clinical trials distilled into a SaaS platform powered by the world’s largest clinical trials database containing real-world data. Trial Accelerator™ offers four dynamic integrated views, empowering you to optimize your protocol design and improve the accuracy, speed and performance of your clinical trials.

Patient View

Create a Digital Patient Profile

Using a data-driven understanding of the relevant global patient population based on key variables including: 

  • Comorbidity 
  • Demographics/diversity 
  • Concomitant medications 
  • Modal inclusion/exclusion criteria values 

Benefit: Accurately model outcomes and patient pathways

Trial Performance View

Simulate enrollment cycle time predictions

And the optimum number of investigator sites based on:  

  • Modal design value simulation from similar ongoing or completed trials, including competitors, and from research protocols and amendments

Benefit: Eliminate avoidable protocol amendments – save up to $500K plus 5.2 months additional implementation time per amendment  

Country Performance View

Identify the highest performing countries

By phase and indication based on real-world data to understand:

  • Enrollment performance 
  • Time to activate 
  • Patient data quality 
  • Indication performance score 

Benefit: Select and profile the highest performing countries for your indication and carry out accurate recruitment scenario modeling

Investigator Site Performance

Rank KOL and investigator performance

By country, indication, biomarker and phase derived from:

  • Proprietary statistical models measuring past site activation, patient enrolment and patient data quality.
  • Performance based analysis of KOL/ investigator sites, contact details, insight into workload, clinical interests and competitor trial involvement

Benefit: Identify existing and emerging global KOLs and reduce non active, non enrolling sites to less than 10%

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    Phesi is on the frontiers of defining clinical development as a science, performing systematic analysis of the clinical trial, clinical protocol, and clinical site space to form hypotheses about what will work and what will not. Through observation and experiment you are applying those learnings to inform new clinical programs or save old ones. Phesi is more than the sum of its parts and the value is in the integration.


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