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The Phesi Trial Health Check

A fifth of trials are typically terminated due to design issues. Our Health Check addresses two evergreen problems: costly protocol amendments and failure to complete enrollment as planned.  

Harnessing real-time, patient-centric data analytics generated using our Trial Accelerator™ platform, our Health Check is designed for anybody who wants to gain data-driven insights about the likely outcome of a potential trial, whatever the indication or stage of the trial process, identifying issues in days rather than months so that timely decisions can be made.

Let us help you focus your resources on pushing forwards the right trials in 2024 with our three step Health Check promise.

Getting started is easy

Getting started is simple with our three step Health Check promise: 

  1. Send us your protocol synopsis, country and site list, and enrollment time aspiration under NDA 
  2. Within 10 days we will tell you whether it is possible to achieve a better outcome 
  3. Together we agree next steps to maximise success against budget constraints and tight timelines 

Powered by the world’s largest source of real-world, contextualized patient data, Trial Accelerator provides a dynamic and integrated view of patients, countries, sites and investigators. 

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