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We live and breathe #clinicaldevelopment 24/7, and have so many observations and insights to share that we decided it was time to start writing more about them.

If you read #lifesciences industry news, it often seems that building and enrolling the perfect clinical trial is unachievable. With pressure to accelerate development timelines and regulatory approvals for promising therapies, trial sponsors need to constantly consider the most effective and efficient trial designs. Popular topics include traditional vs. adaptive trial designs, patient centricity, and real-world data mining, to name a few.

Various companies are also introducing new technologies and methods to accelerate trial enrollment, such as wearable tracking devices, online trial matching databases, and apps that facilitate better patient-doctor communication. Even with all of this more sophisticated connectivity and building of “big data,” unfortunately the needle on enrollment, site activation, and reliable trial outcomes hasn’t changed much in the past decade. While there is no debating that new technology and experiences drive evolved trial designs, they don’t fix the fundamental issues that continue to threaten the potential for more successful #clinicaltrials.

We at Phesi have many collective decades of expertise in clinical development planning, so we’re excited to share our perspectives on the most burning topics that keep our clients up at night. We live and breathe this area because we really do care. The company was founded over 10 years ago to help industry get novel treatments to patients faster and less expensively – and we are passionate about making this happen.

We will issue a new blog post at least once per month, so please check back here or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Phesi_CT to see notifications.

We would also love to hear from you as to what you would like us to comment on. If you have ideas or any questions, please contact us at info@phesi.com.

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